A $50 billion industry that conducts clinical research on human beings should ensure that everyone it employs is competent and working to professional standards

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Don't RISK it!

Reduce risk to patients, data and valuable research

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IAOCR is the world leader
in clinical research independent competence verification and accreditation

(Video Footage &  Industry Leader Interviews from our Clinical Research Industry Leaders Think Tank - June 2022) 

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Key Benefits for Organizations 

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Risk Reduction 

A competent workforce ensures E8 (R1) compliance through embedding a  ‘right first time’ and ‘quality built in’ approach at the workforce level.

Safeguard your research, your patients and your reputation

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Business Development

Win & retain clients by evidencing commitment to industry best practice standards.

Reassure clients through robust and independent IAOCR Accreditation

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Position your organization as a 'Centre of Excellence', displaying clear and distinctive certification marks that are a trusted symbol of competence 

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Attract/Retain Employees 

Instill confidence in competence of self & team.

Tailor performance development to address competence gaps.

Improve employer brand experience.

Attract & retain staff through competence-based career pathways

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Reduce Costs

Improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Reduce staff turnover (which reduces recruitment & training costs)

Reduce time to billability