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Industry Leaders 'Think Tank' Meetings & Events

Since launching IAOCR in 2011 our focus has been on improving standards globally and we are delighted to be able to bring together so people from a wide range of locations and clinical research organizations to have high level discussions and debate.


The Industry Leaders Think Tank is a unique meeting exclusively for senior industry leaders and nominated directors from the clinical research industry. The meeting brings together respected decision makers and change agents to ensure that discussions are meaningful and that learnings and outcomes can be taken back into organizations to add value.

The IAOCR Industry Leaders Think Tank event has attracted senior clinical research industry leaders, regulators, parliamentarians and experts.  Speakers at these Think Tanks have included the UK Shadow Health Minister and senior executives from commercial and non-commercial organizations from around the world

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2016 Industry Leaders Think Tank 


  • Developing the Next Generation of Executives for the Clinical Research Industry – SPEAKER: David Friedman, Program Academic Director & Clinical Assistant Professor of Executive Education, Kellogg School of Management

  • Developing Core Competencies for the Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) – SPEAKER: Martin Robinson, Co-Founder, EVP & Head of Global Regulatory and Industry Partnerships, IAOCR

  • Strategies for Addressing the Talent Crisis – FACILITATOR: Carly Brunsden, Associate Director Talent, SEC

  • Workforce Quality: Organizational Standards for Competence & Engagement – SPEAKER: Richard Wood, Director of Global Operations, INC Research

In the afternoon session, operational experts were invited to join industry leaders to work in taskforce groups focused on addressing some of the challenges raised in the morning’s session. There were some fantastic outputs to be followed up on in 2017 as IAOCR  build further collaborations and continue our lobbying activities.

We were also delighted to present Alistair Macdonald and Richard Wood of INC Research (now Syneos Health) with the Bronze Level Clinical Operations Workforce Quality Accreditation plaque.  In June 2016 this year INC Research became the first organization in the world to meet the standards required to achieve the accreditation, which is awarded at an organizational level

2017 Industry Leaders Think Tank 


Brexit: Shaping Our Future (Parlimentary Session)

Following wide-spread consultation with industry leaders from across the clinical research sector and interviews with IAOCR’s Industry Leaders Group, IAOCR met with British Prime Minister, Theresa May on 30 June 2017.  Mrs May has subsequently written to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) requesting they identify officials to meet with the IAOCR team to discuss the impact of Brexit on the clinical research community.

IAOCR and Mrs May discussed the paper “Actions Needed to Support Significant Growth Opportunity for the UK Clinical Research Sector Pre-Brexit and Beyond“. During this facilitated session, industry leaders were asked to work together to shape a joint vision for the clinical research industry in the UK. Please note, all senior stakeholders were invited to participate, regardless of where they are based or domiciled.

Workforce Quality & Global Consistency at an Organizational Level


  • Case Study: Clinical Research Workforce Quality Accreditation - SPEAKER: David Buist, Operations Director, SEC

  • The Role of Competence in Achieving Organizational Goals & Objectives - SPEAKER: Elizabeth Edwards, Senior Vice President, Oncology Development, Chiltern

Closing the GCP Loophole: Closing the Gap & Improving Quality 

Since 2011 IAOCR has been lobbying for a competence-based approach to clinical research.  The current requirement for experienced staff poses a risk to clinical trials and is detrimental to the sector as a whole.  During this session we will discuss the benefits and challenges of a competence-based model and the progress that has been made over the last six years. This press release Closing the GCP Loophole to Expedite Clinical Trials provides background information

The Workforce of the Future

  • Apprenticeships: Developing the Next Generation of Clinical Research Professionals - SPEAKER: Hannah Barry, Clinical Research Director, GSK

  • Qualified Executive Leader Program (with Kellog School of Management) - SPEAKER: Angela O'Connell, Global Head of Workforce Quality Services, IAOCR   


What Industry Leaders Say About IAOCR

I think they're really shaping the industry, they were the primary and first people speaking about competency....IAOCR are the frontier of how we should be evaluating clinical research professionals.  It's the wave of the future and I;d like to see the industry embrace it as a whole.
Elizabeth Edwards - SVP Oncology Development, Chiltern 

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