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IAOCR Services for Organizations 

How we work with Organizations

IAOCR provides a comprehensive portfolio of robust and internationally recognizable accreditations to the clinical research industry that can be tailored according to the type, size and requirements of your organization. Working within a regulated environment, our programs are developed from core global competency frameworks established by the industry and mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education Framework developed by UNESCO, enabling IAOCR accredited status to be recognizable globally.

There are various ways in which we can partner with you to provide one, or a combination of the services below:

Accredit Your

IAOCR Employer Academy Partner


Accredit Your

IAOCR Workforce Quality Accreditation (WQA) 


IAOCR Certified
Academy Partner

For Organizations offering clinical research training
to the public



Design and build a
sustainable and competent workforce


Partner with us and become part of an internationally recognized quality assurance system that will:


Reduce risk to your clinical research investment and your reputation


Ensure a 'right first time' and 'quality built in approach' 


Win and retain business 


Differentiate and position your Organization as a 'Center of Excellence'


Improve your employer brand and attract/retain employees 


Evidence your commitment to working to industry-leading best practice standards

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