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IAOCR Internationally Qualified Professionals

Advance your career and become part of an internationally recognized quality assurance system

IAOCR Accreditation is a robust and internationally recognizable accreditation for clinical research professionals. Our programs are developed from global core competencies established by industry leaders and are monitored within a regulated environment. Our accreditation frameworks are mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education developed by UNESCO, which enables IAOCR Internationally Qualified Status to be recognizable by educational establishments and employers globally.

Benefits of IAOCR Accreditation

q-iaocr badge.png

Sample Professional Certification Mark. Role specific Marks are awarded upon successfully passing the assessment

Evidence your competence and enhance your career development.

✔ Differentiate yourself in the employment market – IAOCR Internationally Qualified Professionals are TRUSTED in the clinical research market.

✔ Demonstrate your commitment to best practice standards as part of a independently quality assured program.

✔ Receive a distinctive professional certification mark displaying your unique identification number.

✔ Entitlement to use the designatory letters Q-IAOCR in recognition of your status.

✔ 'Portfolio only route' to accreditation available for already experienced/competent individuals 

In this section:

  • What is IAOCR Internationally Qualified Professional Status.

  • IAOCR Accreditation Programs. 

  • Routes to Accreditation (dependent on experience).

  • What’s involved in the accreditation process. 

  • How do I register for a program/next steps.

What is IAOCR Internationally Qualified Professional Status?


The gold standard for clinical research professional accreditation globally


Independent assessment and verification of competence 

using evidence gained during work/simulated work


Mapped to core competency frameworks, developed by leading clinical research stakeholders, facilitated by IAOCR


Two stage assessment + verification, mapped to Internationally Standard Classification of Education Framework developed by UNESCO

IAOCR Accreditation Programs 

Our currently available accreditation programs are below:

  • Clinical Research Associate

  • Clinical Research Central Monitor 

  • Clinical Research Project Manager 

  • Clinical Research Line Manager 

  • Clinical Data Manager

  • Clinical Research Auditor

  • Pharmacovigilance Associate 

  • Trial Master File (TMF) Associate & Trial Master File (TMF) Manager

  • Clinical Research Trainer 

Accreditation programs in development:

  • Clinical Research Co-ordinator 

  • Clinical Trials Site Manager

  • Clinical Research Investigator 

  • Clinical Research Nurse

  • Oncology CRA

Our accreditation programs are run with IAOCR directly or through our specialist Certified Academy Partners. Please contact us to find out more, stating which program you are interested in.

A sample of our Professional Certification Marks awarded to individuals to evidence their accredited status 

Q-IAOCR ClinicalDataManager.png
Q-IAOCR ClinicalResearchAssociate.png
QM-IAOCR ClinicalResearchProjectManager.png

Routes to IAOCR Accreditation

There are 2 routes available for an individual to achieve IAOCR Accreditation, depending on what stage you are at in your career and what level of experience you have in your role.

Route 1: Training & Accreditation Program

Suitable for:

  • Individuals just starting out in their career 

  • Individuals who require training for their role

  • Individuals who wish to validate previously gained foundational knowledge

Please note that IAOCR do not normally provide training to individuals as our accreditation programs are designed to assess your competency gained through prior training or on the job experience. Depending on the program we may be able to recommend one of our certified partners to deliver the training, or you can complete training with another provider and then contact us when you are ready to complete the accreditation assessment.

Route 2: Portfolio Only Route

Suitable for:

  • Individuals who are already competent in their role and do not require training 

  • Individuals who can evidence their knowledge, skills and behaviour required in their role through 'on the job' experience.  This is done by submitting a 'portfolio of evidence' gathered from your day to day workplace activities (see section below - 'What's involved in the accreditation assessment process?' 

If you are unsure which route is suitable for you, please do contact us

What's involved in the accreditation assessment process?


To achieve IAOCR Internationally Qualified Status (Q-IAOCR) individuals must provide evidence that they can demonstrate all the relevant core competencies expected of a competent individual working in a particular clinical research role (eg CRA, Central Monitor, Data Manager etc).

Evidence of competence is collected in a portfolio (workbook) through day-to-day workplace based activities (normally over a period of 3 months) and assessed against independently accredited learning outcomes. This approach is unique to IAOCR and is the most robust and meaningful competence-based accreditation standard in the industry.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a Certificate of Accreditation and a digital Professional Certification Mark displaying your unique professional identification number.

You may find it helpful to read through our Frequently Asked Questions, or, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you directly.

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