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Quality Assurance for your Sites and for your Clinical Trial Site Staff 

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GCSA was formed through the coming together of IAOCR, a leading International Accrediting Organization for the clinical research industry, and Develop Consulting, the leading Process Improvement Organization in the UK Health Sector. This partnership was developed in response to Industry demand to bring about the adoption of consistent global standards of excellence across all sites (public and private) conducting clinical trials. 

The GCSA assessment & certification is awarded at both the site and workforce level and assures an excellent patient and sponsor experience every time.   The IAOCR accreditation and award of Internationally Qualified Professional Status is awarded at the individual level, providing assurance that the employees working at a clinical trial site are independently verified as being competent in their role.

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Quality Assuring Clinical Research Sites Through GCSA Accreditation


GCSA accreditation brings a Global Standard for Organizations conducting clinical trials that puts patients at the heart of clinical research. 

GCSA provides a transparent system that facilitates best practice synergistic working between clinical research sites, sponsors and CROs, to provide a first-class service to all patients and bring innovative new treatments to market more quickly and safely.  GCSA provides confidence to sponsors and patients in selecting where to place their trials, knowing that they are in safe hands.

Find out more about GCSA site accreditation here https://gcsaaccredited.org/

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Quality Assuring Clinical Trial Site Staff through IAOCR Accreditation 

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In collaboration with industry leaders, IAOCR is currently developing the following accreditation programs for clinical trial site staff:

  • Clinical Research Coordinator 

  • Clinical Research Nurse 

  • Clinical Trial Site Manger

  • Clinical Research Investigator

All programs will lead to the award of IAOCR Internationally Qualified Status and the relevant accreditation certificate and Professional Certification Mark (as per the examples shown in this section). 

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